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Your day will start with your guide collecting you from an agreed meeting location or you can make your own way to the fishery.  All Fisheries have ample parking.

Once at the fishery you will be provided with your rod etc and some basic instruction on how to get started.

The things you will need to bring are as follows:-

  • A normal basic fishing licence (obtainable online at or from a main Post Office. The cost of a one day licence is 3.50) Please bring the licence with you this is important and I will not be able to let you fish without seeing a licence or proof that you have one, by law.  I could not consider a refund if you do not fish because you do not have a licence.

  • Appropriate outdoor clothing and waterproof footwear, river and lake banks are muddy and wet even in the height of summer.  Several light layers of clothing are best as you can add or remove according to temperature; remember you will be outdoors for most of the day. Try to avoid brightly coloured outer garments as this may spook the fish.

  • For safety reasons we recommend you wear eye protection and a hat with a peak or brim.  Normal eye glasses are fine.  Polarized sun glasses are helpful even in winter or overcast days as they will help you see the fish in the water.

  • A camera to record the day and that big fish!

  • A folding chair can be useful although not essential it can be a tiring day if you are not used to standing for long periods.  Remember it is intended to be a relaxing day not a physical challenge.  Frequent stops to watch the world go by will add to the pleasure.

Your guide will then get you fishing as quickly as possible and be on hand throughout the day for help and guidance. There will be no long classes or lectures, remember it is designed to be a fun day.

Experienced fisher folk of course can start fishing straight away.

Most venues provide Tea & Coffee facilities free or at reasonable cost but you are of course welcome to bring your own.

Some have catering facilities to provide snacks or lunch. However, I normally recommend you bring your own or I can arrange lunch for you at an additional cost. If you wish for me to organise lunch I will be happy to discuss this when you book.

If you wish to, you may bring beer or wine.

Water safety is essential and while not wanting to be a spoil sport - alcohol should be taken in moderation. We reserve the right to remove any client who is a danger to themselves or others.

At the end of the day (Dusk) you will be returned to your pick up point and of course you will have your gift fly box to remind you of your day and possibly a 10lb trout!!!!!