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Fishing has been an important part of human life since the earliest of times.

Fly fishing has developed into its present form from the beginning of the nineteenth century but evidence of using imitation flies to catch fish goes back to the stone age.

For many years I have been introducing people to the basic skills required and the pleasures of fly fishing.

My philosophy has always been that fly fishing must be a pleasurable pastime not a discipline to be mastered and endured. I am so disappointed when I see over - coached novice anglers giving up because they have found it frustrating and hard work, I believe life is just too short so all my clients are encouraged to relax and have fun.

Many people tell me they have not tried fly fishing before because they believed that it was complicated or elitist. If that were the case I would have given up long ago.

As with all things it does require some basic instruction, patience and a little practice to get started. But from day one there is no reason why you should not experience the excitement of landing your first fish. Many record fish have been caught by novice anglers within a few feet of the bank.

So I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing some of the fun that I enjoy every time I go fishing. Until we meet, as we fisher folk say, “Tight Lines”

John M