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Q - Is fishing cruel?

A - This question could take a book of words to answer.  Man has hunted for food and pleasure since the dawn of time.  You can not avoid the reality that you are hunting fish for sport.  Most fisher folk treat the fish with great respect and take every step to avoid causing suffering.  Your guide will be on hand ensuring you do not through inexperience mishandle the fish.  At the end of the day you must decide before you come.  If it is a bother to you then maybe this sport is not for you.


Q - Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

A - NO some days the fish don't cooperate whatever you do.  I have fished with world champions who have not caught a fish all day when a novice further up the bank has several.  It is this uncertainty that keeps us coming back again and again.  If you caught a fish every time it would be called 'Catching' not fishing.


Q - Can we bring our dog?

A - Unfortunately no.  Like small children dogs either end up left in cars or become frustrated at being outdoors on a leash.  Even the most well trained gun dog if not active can become very bored and as country man and dog lover I know bored equals mischief.


Q - I have some rods and equipment, can I bring it along?

A - Yes of course.  Fly fishing does have distinctly different style of rods, lines and reels so course fishing equipment may not be suitable but your guide will advise you at the water and we will have equipment should yours not be suitable.


Q - I have heard it can be too hot fish some times?

A - Yes there are rare occasions when it is too hot to fish.  Low oxygen levels in water can make the fish lethargic and it is kinder to leave them in peace to cope naturally during these very rare prolonged heat waves.


Q - I have heard it is dangerous to fish in thunder storms is it true?

A - Yes your guide is responsible for your safety and holding a carbon rod with wet hands in a thunderstorm is not sensible.  Your guide would advise you to stop fishing and take a break for refreshment until the storm has passed.  When he is sure it is safe he will instruct you to start fishing again.  You must accept his guidance on this matter.